Our Materials
Each piece of our jewelry is created using the finest, responsibly sourced materials. We put a lot of thought into making sure that each piece is more than just a piece of jewelry. 
All our jewelry is uniquely produced in Vermeil with 18K gold in Switzerland. Pronounced as 'ver-may.' What does this fancy term mean? The jewelry is made from 925 recycled and conflict-free sterling silver bases and plated with at least 10K gold. However, the pieces that we bring to you are plated with 18K gold in 20microns thickness, that makes it a better quality than typical vermeil. Each piece is stamped with 925 to let you know what the core is made of, and the gold is plated onto the elements by the 'electrolysis' process. This allows you to be able to use your favourite pieces over and over again without worrying about their quality and durability. 
Care Guide
Now that you know where each piece comes from and how it is made, you may want to know how to take care of them. Always store each piece individually in the bag it comes with or a soft-lined box to avoid scratching or being rubbed together. If you live in a humid environment, store your jewelry with a small packet of desiccant crystals to help tarnish it (Lifehack)
Please avoid excess sweat and water contact by removing your favorites before exercising, swimming, washing your hands, and showering. Apply perfumes and creams before wearing your pieces. 
To clean, buff gently with a dry cloth. We recommend avoiding using abrasive jewelry cleaners and jewelry polishing clothes treated with polishing agents.